Meet the author, Pat Benjamin


With her education and degrees, as well as teaching credentials, author Pat Benjamin is well qualified to authoritatively speak about political issues and history--both domestic and foreign. Pat has a Master’s degree from Columbia University with a concentration in Russian Studies from the Russian Institute, as well as a BA from Wayne State University in Detroit with majors in Political Science and History and a minor in Education.

Pat taught in center-city high schools in Detroit and Spanish Harlem in NYC, where she helped rewrite the World History curriculum.

Her practical, on-the-ground experience as a political activist began in 1960. She worked with Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement in Detroit, and then in the Feminist movement in NYC from 1968 to 1975.

In 1992, not long after Ross Perot told America on Larry King Live that he would run for President if the people got him on the ballot in all 50 states, Pat heard about the petition drive from her son, and she joined the Perot presidential campaign as a volunteer.  Later she became the United We Stand America National Team Leader for Campaign Finance Reform. Pat also helped found the New Jersey and National Reform parties, and was elected the first Vice Chairman of the newly formed national Reform Party.

Pat’s business background has included owning and managing two small businesses. One business was in the field of energy conservation 25 years before the recent "new" interest in this field. The other company was an executive search firm. As an executive recruiter, she filled high-level positions in information technology for major corporations.

What makes Pat Benjamin different from others who have written about the political legacy of Ross Perot? All the others have been either journalists or academics. Pat, however, with both academic qualifications and business experience, has addressed her subject from the perspective of her on-the-ground, first-hand experience not just in this movement, but in a series of major political movements since 1960. The movements include civil rights, feminism, energy conservation, the 1990s independent political reform movement, and the current emergency preparedness movement.

Pat lives in New Jersey with her husband and has two grown children.